About Us

We are a large group of students from different countries. We are interested in playing online games and met each other in several gaming forums.
Despite our love for gaming we are somewhat idealistic regarding free gaming.
We have many friends who already spent way too much money in online games, mmorpgs, freemiums or to keep it short and simple: pay to win games.
We want to come back to the point where people buy a game for a fair prize and can play the game with all its content once bought. This idealism made us starting a group of programmers.
We started to program hacks for famous online games that are known for their pay to win system.
Whether it is free gold or less time spending for your quests, we want a gaming experience that is equal for everyone.
Our team is dividing into three sections. The first team is our research team.
They are playing the games and watch out for games that are quite unfair, because the grant a huge advantage to pay to win users while the non-paying users have to spend hundreds of hours to reach the same goal.
They also watch out for games that require an unrealistic high amount of money to be spend into the game to reach a big impact.
We have friends that already spent 4 figured amounts into online games. The second team division is our development team where the actual hack get programmed.
They are searching for backdoors in the programs where the hack might be able to get implemented.
Once the hack is finished they are also the ones that are checking if the hacks are reliable and undetectable.
Last but not least we there is our designer division. These guys are the ones that give this ugly programming monster a cute face.
They make the hack look good so that you are having not only an easy time in the game once you used our hacks but already having an easy time to understand the procedure while using them. Currently we are planning on many hacks with a focus on the popular games at first.
But don’t hesitate to check on our facebook page for some unknown games as we are big fans of gaming and there are many underdogs we also like to play.