The Basics of Game Hacking

A hack is basically just another shorter way to reach the users his aim within a program. You can say it is a short cut that was (most of the time) never intended by the developers to get used. Or it was intended to get used, but during the development process the developers changed their […]

The Special Password Hack

A very special kind of hack, although it is not strictly gaming related, is a password hack. Its usage is not limited to any “genre”. Whether it is an online game, a social media platform or a simple database. If there is a password required for the service you want to use, there will be […]

Famous Hacks in the World

There are many famous hacks. Almost all of them are famous because they influence the momentum of a very popular game by a lot. One of the most popular hacks is the so called „wall hack“ from the popular online first person shooter counter strike. In counter strike there are two teams: terrorists and counter […]

To Hack Or Not To Hack – That Is The Question

I guess every one of you guys has ever heard of a hack. Most of you guys say clearly it is simple cheating. But despite its negative reputation, in some communities it is even seen as a sport. For example in speed runs. Speed running a game is to finish a game in the best […]