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There is a new upcoming star on the real-time strategy market game for your smartphone: Tropical Wars. Tropical Wars is a strategic game with a maritime flair. You control a bunch of Koala pirates with your own base on an island in the seas. In Tropical Wars you will have to fight plenty of naval battles versus enemy pirates that attack you with their ships. By collecting resources you can upgrade your island base and improve your ships. Despite increasing the defence and attack stats of your ships you can also unlock additional heavy weapons that have to be used manually during the sea fights by the player. The sea fights in Tropical Wars are much fun, especially since there are different tasks like protecting a ship where you have to multi task during the battle to fulfil your quest. In Tropical Wars you have three different resources. There is the Gold resource that you can mine on your island by workers. There is a Mana resource as well which is needed to build up things and improve your combat momentum. And last but not least there is the third resource that you can obtain in Tropical Wars: Diamonds. Diamonds are as commonly known the “premium resource” in this game. If you got Diamonds you will win. Simple as that. By using Diamonds during the game you can instantly build up your base. This way you will obtain stronger units, a higher resource income and you get a huge advantage over your opponents. Well now take a guess which resource is free to buy with real money in Tropical Wars. Correct! It is diamonds. While the game itself is very much fun, especially the battles have some strategic elements that require more than just stupid clicking, it is definitely no fun to lose against players who spend less time in the game. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing an enemy that you left behind weeks ago passing you with ease within one day without a chance of catching up again in the very near future. As this game has already found its solid fan base with tendency of getting bigger and bigger with every day, it is no surprise that there will come up more and more hacks to surpass this pay to win system. When we did our researches for this article we already found several hacks for Tropical Wars, but with the exception of one offered hack there was no working hack so far. Of course you will have access to the full content of Tropical Wars when playing without investing any money into the game. But especially in the late game the players will be divided into two sections: paying winners and waiting losers. Thus we tested out the one working hack for Tropical wars we did find. As mentioned on the hack developer’s homepage all we had to do was typing in our Tropical Wars account name and the rest was done by the online hack. We were able to watch the progress while the hack was searching for our account data on the servers and within few seconds we came to the last step. We had to verify that we are a human being and right after we found our Tropical Wars account to be much richer than before. I think we do not need to mention that our progress in Tropical Wars was very easy from this point. Thanks to the hack we got rid of the stressful part of the game: hopeless competing versus paying users. Within few minutes we had our base upgraded, a stronger fleet and we could fully concentrate on the strategic part of the game. So, we definitely recommend using a Gold / Mana / Diamond generating hack for Tropical Wars. But players that are interested in using a hack for Tropical Wars should keep in mind that there are only few hacks working so far. So watching out for a video as proof that the hack shown on the developers website is working is highly recommended.

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