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The Basics of Game Hacking

A hack is basically just another shorter way to reach the users his aim within a program. You can say it is a short cut that was (most of the time) never intended by the developers to get used. Or it was intended to get used, but during the development process the developers changed their mind and simply forgot about the way they wanted to use at first. While using those hidden or forgotten paths is more a glitch than a hack there are other ways which are not lying within the borders of the gaming software. You just can’t use them if you play the game without any additional software or input. You need a special software tool or online program to hack the game. A very famous and simple method to hack a game is to use a Hex Editor. By using this software you can search for any figure in the running process (game application) and change it into a figure that is more convenient for you. Let’s say you are playing Age of Empires, a prominent example of a simple strategy game you all might remember. You want to change your gold resource which is currently at 420 gold units. You want to hack the game by using the hex editor to search for the figure “420”. Once you have found it you might change this figure into any figure you want to see in your game. It’s done within a few seconds and its changing the whole game into your favour. This might sound super easy, but still: congratulations, you have just hacked a game. There are several different ways to hack a game or a program and as long as there are people that are into gaming or social media and programming there will always be newer and more innovative hacks. Luckily you don’t need to learn programming yourself to hack a game. Most of the time you just download a program. You use it as it’s written in the description and you hack your game. It’s just as simple as that. This is because most of the hack developers are passionate gamers themselves and thus developing those hacks for the gaming community to help the players to maintain their fun in gaming. A trivial issue about hacks is that some developers implemented hidden easter eggs in their software which is only accessable by using a hack. There are plenty of examples in the world of gaming. So one can say that the some developers even encouraging their users to hack their game.

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