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Famous Hacks in the World

There are many famous hacks. Almost all of them are famous because they influence the momentum of a very popular game by a lot. One of the most popular hacks is the so called „wall hack“ from the popular online first person shooter counter strike. In counter strike there are two teams: terrorists and counter terrorists. The aim of the game is to either plant the bomb as team terrorists or to defuse the bomb / kill all the terrorists as team counter terrorists. Strategic walking paths, hiding behind objects and smart tactics are crucial to reach the aim from every team. The lack of information where exactly the opponent is located is the big thing in this game. Once you are spotted you are 95% death in professional gaming. And here comes the clue about this specific wall hack. By using this hack you get all the important information about the players on the other team granted. You know exactly where they are walking and hiding. Once there position is known it is just a piece of cake to win the game. There is no question that this hack is highly unfair and not wanted. The use of this hack completely destroys the fun in this game as it is leaving the opponent’s team completely vulnerable to you and you might win in almost every game when using this hack. The problem about this hack is that the opponent is totally unaware about you using it or not. But once you are busted you might receive a permanent ban from the game server for a reason. If you want to know how the use of those hacks looks like you simply might want to type in several search terms in the google search bar as there are plenty of videos on the popular video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo.

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