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The Special Password Hack

A very special kind of hack, although it is not strictly gaming related, is a password hack. Its usage is not limited to any “genre”. Whether it is an online game, a social media platform or a simple database. If there is a password required for the service you want to use, there will be a password hack or it is just about to get developed as soon as there is upcoming a substantial demand for it. Contrary to their “gaming brothers” the game hacks, password hacks are almost always forbidden. We do not know any website where it is allowed to break their security system without getting punished if possible – despite those fancy hacker tournaments where you have the task to do so  As already mentioned in order to get the secret password of a user you need to bypass the security system of the database where the password is saved in. The other possibility is that you might want to catch the password from the account you want to hack just before it is saved in one of those highly secured databases. You can for example simply record all the buttons being used while typing in the password for facebook with a special hacker software. This way you do not need to bypass the professional security systems of facebook but the more simple security of the local computer that is being used by the hacked person. Yes, I know the description of this process itself sounds like a criminal case from the famous TV series CSI. But it is because it is just as criminal as it sounds. Hacking a password is always an issue, just because of its secret nature. I think everyone understands this, because: who would want to get his password from his personal facebook account hacked from a person he doesn’t know?

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