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To Hack Or Not To Hack – That Is The Question

I guess every one of you guys has ever heard of a hack. Most of you guys say clearly it is simple cheating. But despite its negative reputation, in some communities it is even seen as a sport. For example in speed runs. Speed running a game is to finish a game in the best possible time. In this particular kind of esports nobody cares for the correct gameplay. Only thing that counts is the best time possible you can achieve to beat the game. Often people use bugs or so called glitches to reach this goal. Some are so difficult to use that there are special tools, which you may call hacks, that make it possible to play the game frame wise, so you can abuse those glitches. Next to the speed run category there is another „positive“ use of hacks. Some developers of famous games sell their games as soon as it is possible to install it, because the money is just around the corner. Unfortunately, many games get release with crucial bugs which make the game a pure horror or even stop the player from playing or finishing the game. To fix those problems there are many gamers which are programming affine that use their free time to develop hacks. With those developed hacks it is possible for everyone who paid for the game and it’s content to get what he paid for. But of course there is the other side of the medal – and surely the more commonly use of the hacks i think everyone knows: hacks that are used for cheating. There are several famous hacks. Each hack is granting the user an advantage over his opponents in the game, whether it is the ingame ai or other players on the internet, for example in player vs player mode. One can understand why those hacks are not very much appreciated in online gaming. These hacks are destroying the competition simply because there is nothing left to compete anymore. The hack user is winning, it is just as simple as that. It might be very convenient to use a hack. For example, you do not need to train several hours per day to reach a specific skill level or just because you want to reach the late game content of a game faster without spending weeks of levelling. But you should never forget, that skipping those parts of a game is skipping a big part of the gaming experience itself. If you are aware of that, it is up to you whether you use hacks or not. Last but not least, always keep in mind that many publisher punish using hacks in their online network (pvp gaming) and you might get banned for using such hacks. If you are interested in information on particular hacks or the story behind them, feel free to read our other articles.

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